NOVEMBER 8 - 10, 2018

A Message From Founder Lauren Atkins 2015 »

Youtube stars. Vine millionaires. Instagram models. Tutorials on how to twerk.

The variety of online/app & entertainment choices are endless. The money being generated by some of the above is overwhelming – some would even say unfair. What about the filmmaker with a story to tell? Or the performer who needs to express herself?

When I began planning for this year’s 2nd annual NYC Web Fest, I asked myself; ‘what is the vision for this company moving forward?’ I kept coming back to the idea of “celebrating the storyteller.” Independent filmmakers with or without a budget who found a way to express themselves. While some web series’ are being filmed with professional cameras, others are using an iPhone. My point is, they’re making it work.

Much like Robert Redford did when he began the Sundance Film Festival over 30 years ago, I want to provide a venue, vehicle, and sense of community among artists alike. With so much of show business relying on “luck,” there’s no better place than New York City to showcase the freedom of expression happening online.

Like the late great Joan Rivers said about the internet when she began her web series:

“…it’s the final frontier where you can say what you think.” True indeed.

Welcome to the 2015 NYC Web Fest. Thank you for joining us.

With love and gratitude,