NOVEMBER 8 - 10, 2018



#KateConwayIsAJerk Kate Conway
#ThatThingFromBefore Kern McFadden Brendan Naylor, Janie Brookshire, Christopher Reynolds
Anamnesis Finite Films
Apt. 4 Bankrukt Productions
BE Bettina & Elaine March Forth Productions
Beyond Existence TransKom
Cam Girls One Thousand Monkeys
CON Trojan Vision
Cop Show M.E.G.A. Films, L/Studio
CORTOS DE GIGANTES – Shorts about giants Director’s Cat & UN3.TV
Crash Dance Nouvelle Pictures/Bond Film
Croissant Man TVF Media
DIBS soren & jolles
Disrien Pioneer Filmworks Ltd
Downtown Girls Every Dog Has It’s Day Productions
Electrica- Electrical Director’s Cat & UN3.TV
Existence on Record Fiefdom Entertainment
F’d F’d Productions
Free Therapy Les Tigres Productions
french bits and pieces videos Cedric B VON SYDOW Jean DALMASSO
French Kiss Cannibal Milkshake Comedy
Friends in Therapy Joe Towne & Daryl Johnson
Garda Giddyup Productions
Good Things Work Out Bluetack Studios
Gross Habits UnXpected Development, DPB Communications
HEIS (pile ou face) Anais Volpe
High Road Tomorrowland Sound & Vission
I can’t even Hayley Adams
Innumerevoli Ombre 4AM
Joanne & Beth Mariel Matero & Kelly Zekas
La Supercafetera Xavi Fontana, Monica Bueno
Last Life Puma Squad Productions
LI Divas It’s Thursday! Productions
Libres Alex Rodrigo
Meet The LadyBugs Ruby Slipper Bunion
Mortus Corporatus AnderAnderA Production
mychonny moves in RKPix
Namaste, Bitches Subject to Change Productions
Nerdective La Kimera
New Mayor of New York New Mayor Productions
Night School: the Web Series Trailermade Films
Nikola Tesla and the End of the World Ian Strang Film Production
No More Parents Blachfilms
No Singing in the Halls Steve in a Jar
No Sleep till 18 Resmine Atis
No Your City No Your City
Oldhead Chennault Productions
OTP: One True Pairing Laura Jordan, Kim Schlechta
People with Issues Keymaster Productions
Queens of Kings No Your City, Refinery 29
R & J (the web series) Ready Set Go Theatre Company
RED Fernando Belo, Germana

Belo, Viv Schiller
Redheads Anonymous Good Porpoise Productions, LLC
Securocam 3000 Andy Zou and Jay Eisenberg
Settling Up Settling Up Productions
SingleDumb Edith May Productions
Sìsara Tauron Entertainment
Slice Greencard Productions
So SOHA RoundTable Productions
Soundbites Fusion
Southern Dish Southern Dish
Starting From Now Julie Kalceff, Rosie Lourde
Street Cuts Fusion
Tales From Tinder Green Bean Pictures
Tech Boom! Jack Birmingham
The Banks Koma Films
The Beat and Path: Walk of Shame Xendra Films
The Desk Cult Comedy Pictures
The family drag Brooklyn Brand
The Film Lab Swingtime Creative PTY LTD
The Graceland Happiness Project Princess Pictures
The Graduates The Graduates
The Jane Games Who Turned Out the Lights?
The Mentors Warwick and Illium Pictures
Street Productions
The Oddflowers The Oddflowers
The Other Kennedys The Other Kennedys
The Pantsless Detective Season 2: A Smitty’s Ransom Tom Chamberlain, Dipu Bhattacharya
The Rolling Soldier Tague Films
The Story of Cancer Redglass Pictures
Theater People (Season 2) MetaSynthesis Films
Very Successful Web Series Andy Zou
VTV Shelter Scrivener Productions
What You Can Do On the Leesh Productions
While Waiting for Godot Rudimentary Films
Wildcats Emily Iason
Words Fail Me Objay Dart Films, LLC
World Away Tabitha Grove, Elias Campbell, Maxim Gertler-Jaffe
Young. Black. And Barely Dangerous Spice & Rice Studios
Zac And Me Story Horse and Fuzzy Pictures Production Companies